Carl Sommer: Game Designer

ZORP (Zombie Oblivion Response Pack)

ZORP is the first board game released by Wonky Rhino Games. It's a fast-paced strategic-movement game that's simple enough up-front to appeal to traditional board gamers. ZORP was featured at two conventions and received largely favorable reviews from professional critics and general players alike.

Role: Designer, Artist, Graphic Designer, Budget Management, Marketing.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Visual Richness of Detail and Its Effect on Character Attachment in Games

I created this game to be used for my masters thesis research on how visual richness of detail affects character attachment in games. There are four versions of the game, each with different art reflecting four levels of visual richness of detail. It is a point and click adventure featuring a tangram-like puzzle system.

Role: Designer, Story/Narrative Designer, Artist, Pogrammer, Researcher.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Helios Saga

Helios Saga features space combat in both a top-down and third person view as well as a leveling system that allows you to buy upgrades for your ship.

Role: Lead designer, Story/Narrative Designer, UI/UX Designer, Art Director, Project Manager.

Team: Jack Chang, David Liu, Tomas Posada, Carl Sommer.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Educational Games

My first experience as a game designer goes back to designing and developing games for educational exhibits with Purdue's Exhibit Design Center. Since then, I've also worked on educational games in the context of my Masters degree.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Ludum Dare logo used with permission.

Game Jams

I've been a regular participant in Ludum Dare since LD 27. I also occasionally join other game jams when the opportunities present themselves.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Current Projects

Currently, I'm working as a UI Designer and Developer with Frontwire Studios. Our game Galaxy in Turmoil will be launching its alpha soon!

Also, I'm working on a mobile game that started as a Ludum Dare.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

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Phone: 317-201-2665

LinkedIn: Carl Sommer

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