Carl Sommer: Game Designer

- Balanced weapons and event encounters.
- Designed level layouts and randomized-level system for 2-4 players.
- Balanced number of enemies encountered in 2-4 player game.

Role: Designer, Artist, Graphic Designer, Budget Management, Marketing.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

- Designed narrative based puzzles.
- Designed crafting system.
- Researched effects of visual detail on character attachment.

Role: Designer, Story/Narrative Designer, Artist, Pogrammer, Researcher.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

- Balanced weapons and upgrades.
- Designed leveling/ship upgrade system.
- Balanced enemy strength and spawn rates.

Role: Lead designer, Story/Narrative Designer, UI/UX Designer, Art Director, Project Manager.
Team: Jack Chang, David Liu, Tomas Posada, Carl Sommer.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

- Designed VR naval combat/exploration simulation.
- Designed puzzle game measuring improvements in spatial-thinking abilities.
- Designed search-and-destroy game to learn about finding and removing bed bugs.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Current Projects

Currently, I'm working as a UI Designer and Developer with Frontwire Studios. Our game Galaxy in Turmoil will be launching its alpha soon!

Also, I'm working on a mobile game that started as a Ludum Dare.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Contact Me


Phone: 317-201-2665

LinkedIn: Carl Sommer

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