Current Projects

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Galaxy in Turmoil

Currently, my work is under NDA, but this content will be shown when the alpha is officially released.

Design Tools

I created various prototype elements in Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.

Final textures were created with Illustrator and all programming, material editing and design implementation was done in Unreal Engine 4.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Burrito Truck

This game started from the work I did for Ludum Dare 40. The theme was “The more you have, the worse it is”. The game revolves around running a burrito truck and serving customers. Customers will request extra ingredients. The application of the theme comes from the risk of adding too much of an ingredient, or making the burrito too full. Although I didn't have enough time to finish it during the game jam, I enjoyed it enough that I decided to polish the game afterwords.

I'm building this game in Construct 2 and creating the art in Illustrator.

Tutorial Design

This video shows the the tutorial in action. You can read a full breakdown of the user experience design that I did for the tutorial so far here:

Prototype Update 1

This video shows the first round of programming and art updates which include the following:

  • Incrementing the speed in which servings are spawned, in order to increase the challenge of maximizing servings without overflowing.
  • Four potential methods of displaying the increasing serving sizes through the UI. One will be chosen and focused on later.
  • Initial art added

Initial Art

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Here is the beginning of the more polished character art.

Original Prototype

This video shows the programming I finished during the time I had available to participate in Ludum Dare 40. The core features include:

  • Customers appearing with a randomly determined desire for one extra ingredient.
  • Customers tipping based on how much of their desired ingredient is on the burrito.
  • The burrito increasing in size as you add more ingredients. Eventually, bursting if you've made it too big.

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