Educational Games

Age of Sail

Design Goals: This is a virtual reality naval sailing simulation designed to create an immersive experience that allows players to explore the ocean and experience naval warfare in an 18th century ship.

Project Highlights: Virtual reality compatibility, physical ship wheel controller, voice commands.

Role: Lead Designer, Programmer, Modeler, Project Manager.

Team: Muning Cao, Perry Cox, Carl Sommer, James Walls.


Design Goals: This is a 3D puzzle game that restricts players to a 2D orthographic view. It includes several puzzle varieties intended to keep track of and facilitate improvements in a player's spatial thinking abilities.

Project Highlights: 16 unique puzzle-based levels that track and measure improvements in spatial thinking abilities.

Role: Lead Designer, Artist, UI/UX Designer, Project Manager.

Team: Nich Head, Grant Herring, Carl Sommer.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Design Goals: This game was designed in order to educate players about the circumstances that attract bed bugs, the signs that indicate the presence of bed bugs as well as the solutions to take to remove bed bugs.

Project Highlights: This game was featured in an exhibit on bed bugs at the 2011 Indiana State Fair.

Role: All roles.

Team: Carl Sommer.

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