Wonky Rhino Games

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Project Overview

I founded Wonky Rhino Games to publish ZORP and future board game projects. In order to raise awareness for both the game and the company, I presented the game at two conventions. In order to build brand awareness I also designed a website, a Facebook app, print materials and social media ad content.

Visual Design Goals

1. Ensure that marketing materials build both company and product awareness.
2. Design a website that keeps users up-to-date on product information.
3. Design a logo that reflects quirky tone of games.

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Construct 2, Hootsuite, OpenOffice.

Process: User Interviews, Information Architecture, Flowchart, Wireframe, Prototype, Uster Testing.

Ensure that marketing materials build both company and product awareness.

    - Include company logo and game information in a visually cohesive way.

    - Company branding must be clear but not dominating.

Because the company needed a product to help build brand awareness and the product itself needed to raise awareness in order to sell, it was important to always keep the game and the company closely associated during the launch of ZORP.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

ZORP was featured at Indianapolis Pop Con, so I needed to design a number of print marketing materials to showcase. While the main intent of the large banner was to showcase the style of the game, I intentionally used a blue background and featured the orange “wacky, wavy, inflatable tube-man” to help associate the game with the company logo which was also displayed on the banner.

Additionally, the promo cards used this same color emphasis on the ZORP side. The back side featured company information for Wonky Rhino Games.

While at the convention I also made sure that if I was wearing a ZORP shirt, the friend manning the booth with me would be wearing a Wonky Rhino shirt and vice versa.

Wonky Rhino Games Logo-Carl Sommer: Game Designer ZORP on Kickstarter Logo-Carl Sommer: Game Designer ZORP on Board Game Geek Logo-Carl Sommer: Game Designer Wonky Rhino Games on Facebook Logo-Carl Sommer: Game Designer Wonky Rhino Games on Twitter Logo-Carl Sommer: Game Designer Wonky Rhino Games on Instagram Logo-Carl Sommer: Game Designer

Design a website that keeps users up-to-date on product information.

    - Users should immediately know what products are being featured.
    - Site structure should be designed to facilitate growth as the company library expands.

    - Website must account of the uncertainty regarding the number of future games published.

Given that Wonky Rhino Games was just being launched, players needed a specific product from the company to grab their attention. Once the attention had been grabbed, they needed multiple avenues to stay involved with updates, be it through social media, Kickstarter or the mailing list.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

The website was designed to maintain the feel of the company. Because ZORP is currently the only title under the brand, the website prominently features information about ZORP. However, the structure of the site can be easily adjusted to include other game titles and company highlights. Users also have easy access to sign up for the company mailing list or to visit the company social media pages.

Design a logo that reflects quirky tone of games.

    - Design a logo that represents games that are easy to learn and have a hint of humor.
    - Design a logo that is flexible in how it can be positioned on a game box.

    - Logo must be conducive to being displayed on a variety of print and digital media.

While the company logo should not tie itself in to an exclusive style of game or game mechanic, it should represent the tone of the games in its library to some degree. Players should be able to come to expect a bit of quirky humor and a low-learning curve when they get a Wonky Rhino game.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

The logo went through a few conceptual iterations before I settled on version 14. I chose this one because the “googly” eyes were wonky, but not over the top.

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

After choosing the visual concept, I began tweaking the text and framing of the logo. I selected version 6 because it was entirely self-contained. This is useful when stamping the logo onto a game box without intruding on the rest of the box design.

Social Media Marketing

Carl Sommer: Game Designer

I launched two major social media campaigns for ZORP. The first campaign began with the establishment of the company and continued through the end of the Kickstarter. It focused on intentionally poor Photoshop memes that incorporated various zombie puns. This campaign emphasized the lighthearted nature of the game.

For the second major campaign I created a web application using Construct 2. Users are asked several questions before the app suggests a board game that may represent their interests while also suggesting they consider ZORP. This application featured paths for 49 different games and included social share buttons for Twitter and Facebook.

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